Responsive Design

highly responsive design
user friendliness
amazingly attractive and functional

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Web Development

operate business process by workflow
increase income through empowering online presence
decrease the method of the administration expenses

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eCommerce Development

integrate Open Source shopping cart with website
optimize effectively cash flow of business
enhance sales and profit

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Mobile Apps Development

soon to be updated...

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Email Solutions

deliver gripping message to introduce products and services
devise a system to ensure that email won't end up in spam
develop B2B emails to establish lasting business relationships

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Search Engine Optimization

redesign the website, if necessary, for the effective optimization
incredibly enhance page ranking
low cost with maximized ROI

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Social Media Optimization

ensure broad reach of products and services globally
elevate the reputation of brand online
strengthen business relationships with existing clients

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Responsive Web Design

One website for every device

Responsive Web Design has now become integral to elevate your products and services on mobile market. It simply refers to a design concept that enables your business website to seamlessly respond to the nature of device or screen you’re using. As an outcome of the optimal experience provided by an effective RWD, you will have the entire content of your website on its screen. No matter your device is iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or netbook. Overall, this eliminates the need for two websites: one for computer and other for mobile device... <<Read More>>

eCommerce Development

Enhance sales and profit

Every eCommerce website is designed with the prime objective of selling products. But only a few are able to attract potential clients and stay successful in the scenario. In fact, eCommerce is a highly perplexed field, demanding hands-on experience to put up a virtual store and control its day to day operations. Are you a newbie baffling to take off your internet business or a veteran player looking for a professional to strengthen your online presence and boost your sales and profit? Then you can end your search at ... <<Read More>>

Search Engine Optimization

Enhance page ranking

Majority of consumers now rely on search engines, especially Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to decide on their preferred products and services. Apparently, it has become crucial for businesses to maintain their domains’ top page search engine ranking and drive maximum traffic to websites. An indispensable segment of internet marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), though, is extremely complicated, and can be a huge task even for the savviest internet expert. From appropriate keyword search and pertinent content... <<Read More>>

Social Media Optimization

Enable to communicate with targeted audience

The success of a company now largely depends on how much you are active in the social media stream. Ironically, social media has evolved into the latest buzzword that can make or break your brand. This, in turn, has led businesses, from conglomerates and partnership ventures to new start-ups and entrepreneurs, to choose social media optimization as a sure-footed strategy to push and strengthen their business activities. After all, most businesses that already implemented an effective social media optimization technique have reported... <<Read More>>


Who We Are

We are a team of highly skilled and passionate IT specialists, dedicated to cater to the ever-demanding technological requisites of today’s competitive and dynamic business world. Though our start-up is extremely new, we have aboard great talents with strong technical knowledge and profound experience... <<Read More>>

What we do

We know the role of an efficient IT framework in the successful running of a business, which, however, varies from one company to another. Mindful of this, we craft customized web solutions in sync with your business’ competency needs while deploying best of breed solutions. Whether you are on the look out... <<Read More>>

Why 3Gmet

With an unrivaled pool of IT team, we boast of excellent technical skills and industry knowledge to develop advanced customized web solutions for businesses of all size and type, let it be related to real estate, interior decoration, automobiles, any retail, technology, hospitality, education, inventory control... <<Read More>>

We really love beautiful design - 3Gmet Technology.